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Creative Curriculum and the Benefits 

Art Class

Our students will take part in various art activities throughout the day! 

Art promotes; creativity, critical thinking and helps students better understand emotions. 

Fine Motor Skills

Working on fine motor skills allows for our students to accomplish everyday tasks such as feeding themselves, grasping various items and perfecting their pencil grip!

Music Class

Implementing music is one way our students are able to be creative while working on their auditory perception and fine motor skills!

Gross Motor Skills

Everyday our friends will travel to the park together and work on their gross motor skills in various ways! Some ways include; dancing, running, jumping, and climbing!


Math is implemented into a variety of different activities. Our students will learn how to identify and count numbers to prepare them to Kindergarten.

So Much More!

Additionally, our facility also follows the DOE curriculum for our 3K and Pre-K students! There are endless learning opportunities! 

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